Leaf Protection
Aren't you tired of cleaning your gutters and downspouts ?
With Today's Most Updated Systems, 
Leaf Protection Can Be Made Simple!
Cleaning your gutter system is not only 
a hassle, but it can also be a bit dangerous!  
However, cleaning your gutters and downspouts is a very important part of keeping your gutter system functioning properly.  If you don't clean them - not only will they clog - but the gutters can actually start pulling away and eventually fall off of your house !   Not to mention the damage that clogged gutters cause when water flows over the top of them.  Therefore, cleaning your gutter system is a vital part of helping your gutter system fulfill it's only purpose.  There are several ways to protect your gutter system.  Here are several wonderful ways to keep your gutter system functioning and flowing with little or no upkeep required !
We know that you have better things to do than clean your gutters and downspouts,  that's why we offer several different leaf protection systems to fit your needs.
This familiar  screen is a great product to help lessen the amount of cleaning required for your gutter system by keeping out larger debris from your gutter system.  This gutter screen is made of steel, so it is much more durable than the aluminum screens found in most local hardware stores.  It also has a baked enamel coating that helps protect it from rusting.  The E-Z Lock gutter screen comes only in black and is not visible from the ground.  It locks into your gutters and is then fastened with a screw.   It will not blow away -  however can be simply removed for access to your gutters and for cleaning.
GutterGlove is another excellent option for your leaf protection needs.  GutterGlove comes in 5 ft. lengths and is made of an aluminum channel frame which is covered with a stainless steel mesh.  The mesh only allows particles smaller than 1/90th of an inch to pass through !   The front of the frame fastens to the front lip of your gutter, and the back of the frame slips under your first row of roofing materials and is screwed down. So there's no chance of this product blowing away.  Gutterglove is an outstanding NO-CLOG product that works !
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